Team Everly

Puppy Love

January 14, 2015

Day 17: #TeamEverly Update — Everly is stable and getting lots of love. You’ll hear a little less from us over the next day or two while we work through the decisions before us.

Here’s a video of our dog Hudson giving Everly a kiss. He’s in love. We don’t expect we can smuggle him into Everly’s room though. He’s way too disobedient to be a service dog.

The only change with Everly’s care today was that we increased her base morphine dose. She has been a bit more antsy so we’re making sure we’re ahead of the pain.

Everly continues to get lots of love in the form of story time and random dance sessions and then she gives us her ugly cry when she’s ready for a nap.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has given to an OI group on Everly’s behalf. That’s still going on if you’re struggling to know how to help. Expand this post to see OI organizations that Colby and I recommend supporting: []

We’ve incredibly encouraged by how many people have shared Everly’s story and how many people have wrestled with God because of her.

There’s a time and place for everything and tonight it’s not time for me to pour my heart out on Facebook. First my family needs to hear my heart. I may need another day of radio silence, but then I’ll pick back up with giving detailed updates of what Everly is teaching us.

So many of you have brought Everly into your own family and hearts. It would be unfair to invite you in and then close the door. I want you to continue to know how God and Everly are impacting us while we figure out what is best for Everly.

Thanks for the continued prayers.

Today’s lesson: Nothing brings a family together like a curveball from God.

Please pray that:

  • God heals Everly.
  • God will bring us all closer to Him.
  • Colby and I will clearly see the next steps we need to take.
  • Our family will be able to be fully present when loving Everly.

Much love from Team Everly

Nate Baker

Written by Nate Baker. Nate lives with his wife, Colby, in Nashville. After Everly passed, Nate and Colby adopted 2 childern and they are crazy cool.